Katharina Bahrdo

Project management

Tel.: +49 (0)621 12068-11

As a child of two cultural backgrounds, intercultural communication was an important feature of my life long before I had actually heard the term. As chance would have it, I also had a gift for it, as I discovered at secondary school where English, Latin and Italian quickly became my favourite and best subjects. The fact that I ended up studying translation with the working languages English and Italian in Germersheim rather than Heidelberg – which would have been much closer to home – was the result of a series of coincidences. This was actually a piece of luck, as it allowed me to detach from my familiar surroundings a little and establish new friendships which, I am thankful to say, continue to this day.

Since joining exact! in September 2023 I have had the pleasure of being able to support others with their intercultural communication as part of a friendly, proficient team.