Partners are an important component. We are committed to maintaining our network. This involves meeting up regularly and exchanging ideas on an equal footing.

Freelance translators

Our key partners are our freelance translators. We could not do it without them. Freelancers also meet our standards regarding quality and on-time delivery. We thus take great care when selecting the translators who work with us. We are in regular contact with them and provide and receive feedback on our jobs. All team members attend the exact! event for freelancers at our office in Mannheim. We value this direct personal contact and active involvement each year.

ASAP Globalizers

ASAP Globalizers is a network of SAP Translation Partners with 37 locations in 20 countries and its headquarters in Cologne. Each partner, including exact!, is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program for translation services or language consultancy. ASAP Globalizers’ network covers a multitude of SAP languages and thus ensures that translations are carried out by experienced SAP experts at the highest level.

A further feature of the network is the regular exchange of ideas among the partners via web conferences and the face-to-face meetings of the managers. The network partners are thus not only involved in SAP projects, they are also provide important additional input for technical translations in general. The partners work at the same level and have the same understanding of the concept of quality.

SAP Language Service Partner

exact! is an SAP-certified Language Service Partner and a member of the SAP PartnerEdge programme. We thus communicate closely with the SAP Language Community, including via internal SAP user groups and social media channels as well as round tables and forums organised by SAP. Translation Partners from around the globe meet in Walldorf at such events.

As a Language Service Partner of one of the world’s largest software companies, exact! is always tuned into the latest software developments in the translation industry. For instance,exact! translators have been dealing with machine translation on a day-to-day basis for several years.

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