Private Cloud: Data security is a top priority at exact!


The topic of data security has been on everyone’s mind since the implementation of the GDPR. Website requests for our preferred cookie settings remind us of it every day, for better or for worse. The security and integrity of stored customer data, however, is at least equally as important. The past few years have seen a dramatic surge in cybercrime. More companies are being attacked all the time, be it to steal sensitive data or simply to extort money from the victims. This issue has become all the more relevant since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, since the many employees working from home represent new gateways for hackers to attack.

Since long before the pandemic, exact! has used an approach that guarantees both a high degree of data security and plenty of flexibility for employees. Our advantage here is our Managed Private Cloud. In technical terms, this is a remote desktop connection used by each exact! employee to access the exact! Private Cloud.

How does this work?

Users simply need to install a small app on their home PC to enable cloud access – with password protection, of course. The connection is established within seconds. Each exact! employee then has access to their desktop environment with all necessary authorisations in a virtual workplace. This also means that all data stays within the cloud. Nothing is downloaded or stored locally, and nothing is uploaded into the cloud.

A whole range of concrete advantages

Because only screen data is exchanged, even a weak Internet connection can be sufficient for working in the cloud. The required computing power is also provided by the virtual work environment. The in-house Private Cloud and all the data within it are optimally protected by a private firewall that is constantly updated and monitored. Typical vulnerabilities on local PCs (e-mails, USB sticks, home routers used for remote work etc.) are eliminated, since there is no opportunity for the local PC to access data in the cloud. The exact! Private Cloud has its “physical home” in a German data centre that fulfils the ISO 27001 standard, which defines the requirements for information security management systems. What’s more, all data is protected by a supplementary multi-level security concept and backed up overnight via a secure point-to-point connection to another data centre at a second location in Germany.


The exact! team can easily work either at the office or from home. Either way, the data of exact! customers is in good hands with state-of-the-art protection.

Our provider and partner for these services is Connexio GmbH.

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